On Saturday, Kim Kardashian attended the Instagram to take a break from Jesus is King updates to share that his eldest daughter, North West, has lost her second tooth. Prior to the release, Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive revealed that the discussed “New Body” theme had finally been removed from the final race, while confirming that Pusha T and No Malice were alongside an unexpected Kenny G Cameo in The Clipse. Jesus is King is still scheduled for a Sunday start w Kardashian has already revealed that her husband would complete the deployment with an event in New York City, while the project is optimized at the last minute. Since then, Kanye has emulated the Chicago experience and has even left that event to perform with Chance The Rapper on Saturday night at the start of the host’s Big Day tour in his hometown. “North wants you to see how she lost her other front tooth,” the proud mother wrote in a legend attached to a Selfie with the duo. Barber will also confirm that West plans to release a documentary of the same name. Kardashian shares another maternal moment. She will officially arrive at the Imax Theater on October 25. Tell me about New Hip Hop news. By Milca P.

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