On the way to their hotel in Jamaica, Cynthia Bailey told Kenya that she was going to have Kim direct and produce the commercial for her eyewear line alone.

During a later meeting with Cynthia and Kim, Kenya lashed out at Cynthia for going with Kim’s pitch before hearing hers, glossing over the fact that she didn’t even show up to the pitch meeting.

While Kim didn’t bother to respond to Kenya’s question in Jamaica, she did make clear in her interview that Kenya’s question was ridiculous.

Kim told Kenya to grow up and that it’s like she’s sitting on the kiddie table.

When Kim responded that she’s not 50 and doesn’t look it, Kenya told her that people have been telling her lies.

Kenya then referred to Kim as “Kim Tootie Fields.” “Did Mrs. Garrett teach you how to talk like that?” Kenya asked after Kim sarcastically praised Kenya for coming up with “Kim Tootie Fields.” Kim told Kenya that she must be really tired.

When Kim told Kenya that no one seems to like her, Kenya told Kim that everyone thinks she’s boring.

Kenya then got up and pulled out Kim’s chair, while Kim was still sitting on it.

While Cynthia stayed mostly quiet as Kenya attacked Kim, she voiced in her interview that Kenya was not right.