However, the band will return early next year with a tour to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The City Sleeps in Flames the debut album of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. As for the future, the group asks for a mention to the new music, despite the honor of Stevens in September with the title “Loved Forever”. “But Afkary began to reject this possibility. After the death of singer Tyson Stevens in 2014, the chances of the Arizona band after the hardcore Scary Kids Scaring Kids finding each other were slim. But when Crawford released a song in homage to Stevens two months ago-which was the first Scary Kids album in almost a decade-it triggered an avalanche of new requests for a meeting. “We had no intention of reforming or touring for a meeting,” Afkary told Loudwire last week. But after the group imploded in 2010, and especially after Stevens’ death, a meeting seemed an unlikely possibility. But in January 2020, the focus will be on the first performances of Scary Kids Scaring Kids in 10 years. He represented the group in 2009 and represented Stevens on various Warped Tour dates. Keyboardist Scary Kids studied film and has since produced music videos and commercials. “We’re looking at another step in America,” the keyboardist said of the meeting’s upcoming tour. According to the group, this is the only way for the tour to take place. Even before the tragedy, the band had already separated – they called it leaving in 2010, on the verge of a third studio album that never came out. It was difficult because we found gold and did what so many people dream of doing, which is finding success in music with all your closest high school friends. This is an important task given the history of the group, not to mention the responsibility of meeting the auditors’ expectations.

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