The scheduled fight between Keisha Cole and Ashanti finally got underway Thursday night, but t were some problems along the way that caused Cole to show up nearly an hour after the scheduled start time. Millions of viewers regularly follow all the live coverage from Verzuz. So people were disappointed when the fight between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti was postponed twice. I was t, I saw everything, but “they” didn’t get out in time because the screen was blurry. Despite the delay, the fans had a great time watching Ashanti and Cole battle to their hits. But in Keyshia’s defense, “they” didn’t want to come out on time because the screen was out of focus. Not to mention Verzuza, the show didn’t start on time. H.C. continues, “She’s a perfectionist, and when something goes wrong, it gets worse. It started in a strange way. Only what you don’t see behind the scenes. In “her defense,” DJ Cole explains what happened behind the scenes. So t was an accumulation that caused her to put off her album, which caused her to lose her energy. Probably the happiest was 21 Savage, who sang and sang in a very strange way for a beat. I’m sick and tired of being pushed away like this, but it’s COVID. You’re just in time. It wasn’t like that. We couldn’t hear his side. See Go DJ Hi-C’s interview with 97.9 The Box above.

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