PEORIA – It wasn’t all that long ago when Kevin Hart was a bit player in the entertainment landscape.

Now it’s Kevin Hart’s world and the rest of us are just living in it.

In anticipation of his stop in Peoria, I’ve compiled a ranking of Hart’s best movie performances.

It’s rare to see Hart play a sad, low-key character – a refreshing change – but he ramps up the hysterics as the movie progresses.

My take: This blockbuster from last winter drew in droves of customers to the movie theater to see this modern remake of “Jumanji.” Much of the attraction derives from the high-wattage performances from both Hart and Johnson, who join up again following the success of “Central Intelligence.” The action-comedy plot gives the ensemble cast multiple opportunities at slapstick scenes, and no one excels in that realm more than Hart.

Hart’s prodigious comedic talents are on full display in “Laugh at My Pain.” He sprints across the stage, unleashes profane jokes and contorts his face into those outrageous reactions that are all now a staple of Hart’s repertoire.

In an era when comedy specials all debut on Netflix, earning $7.8 million in movie theaters means Hart was the last one laughing.

Voicing the character of Snowball, the vicious former magician’s bunny that now runs the criminal world of the underground sewers, Hart is the comedic engine of the movie.