Kevin Hart recently publicly supported Ellen DeGeneres in her dispute, and also stated that Nick Cannon was in his house every day during the his recent dispute. After writing a long statement supporting his friend Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart received a negative response. He also added that he saw references to some critics asking why he had spoken publicly about Ellen DeGeneres, but had said nothing when Nick Cannon was recently at the centre of controversy. T were rumors that Ellen wanted to get out of the show and throw in a towel. Recently, she sent a letter of apology to her employees for not knowing better what was happening behind the scenes. Ellen and her talk shows are being investigated by WarnerMedia in connection with allegations of a toxic work environment full of discrimination, racism and harassment. Kevin published a photo of he and Ellen together on his Instagram page when he was a guest on his show. He gave his friend some encouraging words, but the audience soon condemned Hart for his actions. It’s a shitty moment. “Watch how Kevin explains and expresses his his disappointment. He came back from the video to say he couldn’t believe that people were so upset because he just wanted to support someone who he cared about. “When did we lose sight of reality?” Hart asks in his video. “This is a shitty moment.” Tell me about the new hip-hop news.