Kerry Lathan, the 56-year-old man who allegedly helped dress during the shooting in the parking lot of his marathon store, was arrested shortly after the shooting for violating his probation by associating with “Nipsey,” a known gang member, even though he had also been murdered. While this contradicts earlier reports that Nipsey went to the uninsured store to help his friend with new clothes after he finished serving a 20-year sentence for murder, it appeared in both cases that the charge against he was weak from the outset and that the sentence was too harsh and unjust to criminalize a man who had just been murdered. Lathan told VladTV in an interview that he had not met Nipsey in the store, as mentioned earlier, but that Nipsey was in the parking lot, and Lathan thought the store owner “might be able to help” him with a stock market problem. JUDGMENT RULE REVIEW: The Corrections Department rejects the indictment against Kerry Lathan, who was injured in the shooting of Nipsey Hussle. Last week, it was also reported that the marathon store area was renamed Nipsey Hussle Square in honor of the deceased rapper. Nipsey Hussle’s death continues to have a profound impact on hip hop and pop culture, as all the work he has done has been highlighted, but at least one of the negative effects has been positive.