Kendrick told a similar story in “his” writings, recalling “his” mutual rise to fame, which opened up to other Los Angeles rappers as the game, and called “him” “radical”, “thinker” and “ambassador”. “Kendrick and Nipsey worked together on Nipsey’s “Dedication” album, Victory Lap, so it’s normal that the full text of their dedication to Nip is available below. In 2009, I remember trekking in the city near Nipsey and “his” family. So thank you, Nipsey of Radical. Nipsey the Thinker. Nipsey the brother. I realized that Nipsey had to do with these prospects. Nipsey the Great. And from now on, Nipsey is the Shalom messenger. Nipsey the father. Nipsey the husband. Nipsey, my friend. Was it a product of Crenshaw and Slauson? Was “he” a radical? Or was “he” a thinker? This mysticism has kept me awake all my life and career. During this tour I watched a young and ambitious community of blacks, orchestrated by the men around them. Both appear in the first part of the Game LAX Tour. Because I feel bad for “him” and “his” family, I understand that the Almighty doesn’t make mistakes. I observe “his” interviews, “his” philosophies and “his” work in the black community. Determined to do one thing, and it was greatness. Greatness in knowledge, greatness in wealth and greatness in oneself. The rest of the celebration can also be seen . I pray that the Ermias Foundation will continue to flourish. He remains fearless in what, according to him, will affect both the earth and the sky. It was from that moment that my curiosity to know who “he” really was began to grow. I listened indifferently to the substance “he” spat on stage. Years have passed and my admiration has grown far and wide. When I think of myself, this is the kind of talent I want to be part of. Our sprinter went from state to state in “his” van. A real king is put to the test in an emergency. But “his” integrity as a human being has inspired me even more. .