Lanez’s album was met with enthusiasm, and while some claimed it was “their” best project in terms of sound, others criticized his for making an album around Megan Tea Stallion. According to Tori Lanez, he is not responsible for killing Megan and asked how she would know her attacker if she got out of the car. Keke Palmer shared a video with Instagram in which she claims to be Meg’s ally while writing a long legend about how she thinks Tori is a narcissist. The owner of the multi-picture is silent about Meg Tai Stallion’s accusations that she was filming “him,” so he used her creative space to film it all from her chest. The world continues to embarrass the release of Tori Lanez’s latest album, Daystar. He also expressed his disappointment that he lost his industry friends after the July incident, while revealing details of his relationship with the Houston rapper. This is toxic behavior. Watch his video and read his whole message below. “It’s the opposite of responsibility, almost narcissism, and I think it’s toxic when we, as a society, say it’s good. “Someone can’t say that they love you and want to make up with you, but then they put you in a situation w you could get arrested. I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Keke wrote. Tell me about the new hot stories about hip-hop. But not at the expense of the one who was sacrificed. “People make mistakes, and they can use them.

Keke Palmer Accuses