The new record contains 16 tracks and includes collaboration with Eric Church, Nile Rodgers Breland and the single “One Too Many” previously released with Pink, who played the pair at the MCL Awards on Thursday night. Just 24 hours after receiving the MCL Awards, the Australian country star left the opening act of “son” of the 10th studio album The Speed of Now. Urban contributed to this success at the end of last month by presenting the latest episode of Australia’s weekly music program, The Sound. When I work with them, I always look for the “third thing,” Urban said before the release. T is what I do, t is what my partner does, and t is the “third thing” that surprises me the most. Speed now Part 1 is the successor to U graffiti 2018, which ended with No Billboard. Today’s speed is part of MRC Media and Info. The life of Kit Urban is so busy that his albums fall apart in stages. That’s what interests me the most when the sum of the parts becomes more than I imagined. 2 of every 200 posters.

Keith Urban Returns Part