Kehlani already announced in August that she is working on an album entirely based on R & B and that gives fans a reason to be happy after the end of the summer months. “The second album is coming and all I’m saying is Rnb Man. rnb. Kehlani had already talked about “them” and the relationship between YG, which happened behind the scenes before the media reported it. “We were very frustrated,” he said earlier. “But we were planning to go out anyway. The song might very well talk about YG because Kehlani sings about being his “best” person with someone and having his heart. We are ready when you are, Kehlani. We’re not trying to hide – it’s love. Tell me about the New Hip Hop news. The paparazzi caught us. “Soooooooooooooooooon.

Kehlani Shares