Katy Perry published a photo of the children’s gift that she received from Swift in honor of the birth of the singer “Daisy”, the first child with her fiancĂ© Orlando Bloom, and this is all a classic of Taylor. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will participate in February 2009 in “Salute To Industry Icons Grammy” in honor of Clive Davis at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Perry discussed with Swift the end of her argument earlier this year and explained that she is happy to be divided in public and gave the girls a good example of the value of salvation. The bill was returned in May, three months before Perry’s daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, was born. “It’s hard for girls to grow up with clients, high school, little things and all that, so now we’re super friendly and we’ve always wanted what’s best forher,’ and we can talk about what’s best for each other,” she said. “Let’s hope it’s ashe’ that lasts for years until it becomes an unrecognizable job that keepsher’ in your pocket when you were a teenager,” Perry continued. Taylor Swift is known for her thoughtful surprise gifts, and her last secret package is one of the best. The billboard is part of the MRC Media and Info division.