Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of musical artists, the basic brand of the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed musical artists. Music Crowns is the world’s premier platform for discovering artists, promotions and opportunities for the world’s best non-signatory, independent and revolutionary musical artists. Musicians Against Homelessness was founded by Emma Rule and launched in 2016 by Alan McGee, former director of Oasis. Musicians Against Homelessness began with a series of 100 shows in which emerging groups performed alongside established artists while raising funds for Crisis and other charities. Friday, right? You want some new music? Well, we have it for you. Music Crowns is thrilled to have worked with Musicians Against Homelessness to introduce millions of music fans each month to a variety of extraordinary bands and artists. With her charming and distinctive voice, combined with a writing style that offers a fresh and honest view of love and modern relationships, it’s no wonder Katie has become an artist appreciated by industry and fans. Katie was chosen by Jools Holland for the opening act of her concert at Kimbolton Castle, was on stage in Dubai with Ricky Martin and 50 Cent and won the Commonwealth Song Contest International last year. New Music? On a Friday? Laying the first stone. Sleater-Kinney suggested that new music is on the rise. Since the foundation of HAM, they have performed almost 1,000 times, participated in numerous festivals and played for them up to 3,000 artists. It’s easy to forget that singer-songwriter Katie Kittermaster, who lives in Kent, is only 17.

Katie Kittermaster