In the beginning of the film, Upton and Daddario’s characters lose their jobs.

Daddario’s alter ego, a school teacher, is fired by the principal and told she’d be better off in a different line of work.

“It was in high​ school and I think the teacher was trying to motivate women to get out t and get a job,” Upton recalled.

“She was like, ‘Who in sees themselves working?’ and I raised my hand and she was like, ‘What? You’ll probably just marry a doctor.’ I didn’t say anything,​ but the next year I was working, probably doing better than her, so I’m like, I wonder w she is? Hopefully not teaching!”.

As for ​Daddario, her biggest criticism came after she was already a working actress.

“I think it’s astounding what people will say to young women,” she lamented.

“I’m really proud of women and w we’re going and how we’re changing the status quo and saying, ‘OK​, this stuff isn’t acceptable to say to young women anymore,'” Daddario said proudly.