When Lily Beckinsale, 18, put the caption ‘Daddy’s home’ on this Instagram snap of her about to lick boyfriend Hunter Brookman, her film star mother Kate, 44, responded: ‘Yuk Lily put hunter down.

Days later Kate was being much more yucky, with some truly shocking confessions on TV. Appearing on a US chat show watched by millions, Kate took part in a game called ‘s**g, marry, kill’, saying: ‘I’d sort of have to s**g Colin Farrell because I’ve sort of already done it on screen.

She then described how she’d ‘peed in a director’s thermos’ to take revenge while filming for a movie.

Now that’s very yucky – though Kate explained that the director had made her do a nude scene which wasn’t used in the film.

If you were under the impression that Alex James makes all his own cheese at his very big house in the country, I have news for you – he doesn’t.

I have long imagined the ex-Blur bassist trudging down to the bottom of his garden near Chipping Norton to milk his cows and cut his curd.

More than 18 months ago, a cheese business that operated on his farm in association with him closed when its owner retired, and these days the former dairy barns mostly house IT and management firms.

Alex, 48, above, still makes small batches of his Good Queen Maude cheese at home, but his famous Blue Monday cheese is made by a company in Yorkshire.

Three other varieties – Farleigh Wallop, Little Wallop and Goddess – are made by a firm in Somerset.