Former G.O.O.D. musical producer Devo Springsteen talked about his days with Kanye West and recalled that even when the West was laughed at by music directors, the rapper still believed that he was the best in the area and capable of anything. “That’s why I think that if you see your friend, someone you like, saying whatever people say, they literally believe their bones, it will help you believe anything is possible,” continued Springsteen. Former G.O.O.D. music producer Devo Springsteen recalled the hard road to fame at Kay West. So he thinks that this concept literally believes that whatever you are or are doing, whatever the smart people in the room say, is more valuable than anything else: “Well, I think that’s why, if you look at all the people who were involved in G.O.O.D. music at the time, whether it was Don K. or not, “Don was some kind of assistant to the road manager No one wants to hear it. People heard the stories, “Oh, they didn’t want to sign it.” No, it was worse,” said Springsteen. We all tookhis’ comments seriously, especially because of thehis’ catalogue of classic hits, which we all like. This case with Virgil. Who’s Virgil? He’s like a creative director, like a new concept in rap, now everyone has a creative director. At this point in his his career, Kanye West can do or say anything, and that’s no surprise. “Virgil”? I’m not even gonna talk about it. His recent political efforts may have led to headlines, but the reality is that rap mogul tricks are no longer front-page news. To hell with these people and what they say, what you can and can’t do. “Even you, you’re not a real artist,” executives and artists and so on laughed at this guy until he cried.

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