The West’s emergency petition against Republican State Secretary Frank LaRose came a few days after the campaign manager submitted more than 15,000 signatures and other documents that the rapper had submitted in his presidential candidacy earlier this month, claiming that the information on the signature collection documents did not match. Rapier Kanye West sued an Ohio campaign manager on Wednesday for discussing the November presidential election after the secretary of state assessed him as an independent, unqualified candidate. Election authorities in Wisconsin decided on Thursday to keep the West out of the contested Wisconsin presidential election because his campaign submitted his nomination documents shortly after the deadline, while Montana officials also failed to submit his requests. His wife, Kim Kardashian West, appealed to the public with sympathy and said the West was bipolar after he gave a controversial speech in South Carolina last month during the inaugural speech of his campaign in which he offered to pay a million dollars to mothers and condemned Harriet Tubman for his subway work. In that case, Ohio’s campaign lawyers argued that LaRose must accept any petition from an independent candidate if that petition is irrefutable and does not violate Ohio law. Earlier this month, West withdrew his request to run for president of the State of New Jersey without explanation. Ohio is one of the states that last week rejected a Western request to appear on “its” ballot. Although the West has some momentum in some states, the state of “its” presidential campaign less than three months before election day is still unknown. On Friday, the Illinois Election Commission announced that the West had not submitted enough signatures to petition and would not take office. Republican agents in several key states helped the West make its “own” White House nomination, which Democrats regard as an attempt to suck the votes of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The West currently operates in states such as Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont. In October, Kanye West will attend an event at Jim Moore’s bookstore in Ralph Lauren, Chicago. He also failed or was removed this summer from many other states, including California, Florida and Pennsylvania. The economic tycoon publicly supported Republican President Donald Trump before announcing his presidential bid on July 4. The billboard is part of MRC Media and Info.

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