Nashville-based singer Kandace Springs returns March 27 with a new album, her third for Blue Note, titled “The Women Who Raised Me. The title refers to the singers who influenced Kandace Springs and whose songs appear on the album: they range from the jazz goddesses Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Diana Krall and Carmen McRae to the soul sirens Sade, Dusty Springfield and Roberta Flack. Springs also pays tribute to the dean of Blues, Bonnie Raitt, and the queen of bossa nova, Astrud Gilberto. A single from the album, a dreamy nighttime cover of Sade’s “Pearls”, has just come out. On March 27th, “Les femmes qui m’ont élevé” will follow. Kandace explains: “It’s an album I’ve always wanted to do. It only takes a few moments and gives you more options. It really expresses my love for all these singers and my gratitude for what they have given me.