CLEVELAND, Ohio – Equipped with plenty of camouflage clothes, tree-shaped stage designs and even a real-life campfire, Justin Timberlake channeled his outdoorsy side in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday night.

The concert was a stop on his world tour in support of his newest album “Man Of The Woods,” released in February.

The album incorporates country and folk influences, blending them with Timberlake’s natural knack for R&B and soul pop.

Still, despite some of the album’s low points, Timberlake has received praise for changing up his approach to pop music in a genre so dominated by cookie-cutter singles.

With a winding, snake-shaped stage that spread across the entire floor of the arena, Timberlake was able to at times make his concert feel small and intimate, and other times larger-than-life with blasts of lasers and towering screens.

Green grass shot up from the stage’s border during Timberlake’s performance of “Man Of The Woods.” Later, as he sang “Cry Me A River,” the winding stage was covered in a layer of fog with projections of raindrops showering down to the floor.

This opposed sharply with other hits by Timberlake, like the electronic, suave “Suit & Tie” and his energetic, sunshiney hit song “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

Still, if you weren’t a big fan of the new direction, you could still have fun at Timberlake’s concert.

It turns out it was so impressive that Timberlake will return in October for another “Man Of The Woods” tour stop in Cleveland.