ELLENTON – Manatee County-based Feld Entertainment Inc. says it will produce a live touring show based on the “Jurassic World” films.

Feld, producer of touring monster truck, ice skating and Disney- and Marvel comics-themed shows and former producer of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, says it will design and produce a multiyear “Jurassic World” arena show that should debut in fall 2019 in the United States and continue internationally.

Feld will build and rehearse the live “Jurassic World” show at its studios in Ellenton.

Feld is collaborating on the project with the owner and promoter of the “Jurassic World” brand, Universal Brand Development.

“To bring this epic dinosaur world to life off the big screen, Feld Entertainment is breaking down the traditional arena barriers that typically exist between the audience and the live action,” the companies said.

“Feld Entertainment is best-in-class at creating spectacular live experiences,” said Vince Klaseus, president of Universal Brand Development, “And this show is able to meet the high expectations of fans worldwide who are craving more interaction with ‘Jurassic World’ dinosaurs.”

“Feld Entertainment,” chairman and CEO Kenneth Feld said, “Has the expertise and experience to bring this iconic franchise to life through an innovative format in an immersive arena setting, coupled with a unique narrative that includes iconic locations and fan-favorite dinosaurs, creating edge-of-your-seat, live entertainment that is a mix between a stunt show and a 3-D thrill attraction.”

Feld Entertainment Studios encompasses more than 580,000 square feet, including rehearsal space and on-site design and fabrication shops.

Feld Entertainment says it is the world’s largest producer of touring family spectaculars, with more than 5,000 performances around the globe each year across all of its lines of business.