Singing Room, winner of the Soul Train Award for “Best Soul Website,” features top R&B singers, honest interviews, new R&B music, soul music, R&B news, R&B videos and editorials on fashion and lifestyle trends. “Find” is a track that pleases the ears while soothing the heart, mind, body and soul. If you like slow songs that blend with RnB, this is a really heart melting song with every lyric and verse. I love how this song taps into the heart with catchy lyrics and strategically placed guitar parts. Jrdan recently released “Ache,” his new single. Jrdan is as impressive as her is unique – her vocal range is remarkable, and the overall writing is well-crafted and effective. If you like comforting songs that bring back memories or make you spend time with your significant other, this is the song for you. Jrdan takes us back to old school slow songs that make you feel alive and reborn. From classic RnB and New Wave songs to free love songs, this single has something for everyone. Check out the wonders of “Ache” by Jrdan by clicking on the link below. Her beautiful, soothing voice reverberates on the horizon with seductive lyrics and infectious guitar riffs. Singer Hall has been the voice of R&B around the world since 2005. Here is an incredible singer, songwriter and musician who is – guaranteed – to have a great career in the coming years. This charming singer has a bright, modern ballad that captures the essence of romance and heartbreak. This charming and versatile singer has a bright musical future. The way the single flows in and out is fluid and effortless.

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