A day after Joss Whedon was criticized as a hypocrite “Preaching feminist ideals” by his ex-wife, architect Kai Cole, a popular fan site dedicated to the director has decided to say farewell. has operated for 15 years, acting as a message board for fans of Whedon’s work, which ranges from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Avengers movie.

The admins called for donations to organizations that deal with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that Cole wrote in a column for TheWrap that she was diagnosed with after Whedon revealed his multiple affairs during their fifteen-year marriage.

Many online were quick to chastise Whedon, an outspoken feminist that has built a career on strong female protagonists.

In June, a 2006 script that Whedon wrote for a Wonder Woman movie that never went into production leaked online, with many DC fans calling the director’s take on the character sexist due to the character description, dialogue and the majority of the important action falling on the male lead Steve Trevor.

Whedon is currently finishing re-shoots on The Justice League movie, which he took over for director Zach Snyder after he has to bow out following a family tragedy.

The director is also developing a Batgirl movie with Warner Bros.