In addition to updates on milestones concerning Jessa’s pregnancy and Jill’s forthcoming missionary trip to Central America, the Sunday, Dec. 13, episode shed light on the muddied waters in the Duggar household as individual family members opened up about whether they had forgiven Josh or not.

Generally speaking, Josh’s siblings reiterated that they have forgiven him for the molestation of young girls that Josh committed when he was a teenager.

“When the police report was released to the world, that wasn’t right,” Jill, who along with her sister Jessa was one of Josh’s child victims, lamented.

Recalling the day Josh confessed that he had “Gotten addicted to pornography and been unfaithful to his wife,” Jessa said everyone was “Devastated”.

Josh’s brothers seemed even less interested in rebuilding a relationship with him now, drawing some clear boundaries for the father of four.

John David knew he could no longer think the best of Josh, and that had implications beyond his relationship with his older brother.

“I know, ‘Hey, I’ve got a whole bunch of younger siblings looking up to me and I’ve got to be an example to them, because whatever I am, that’s what they want to be.’ I know that’s what it was for me and Josh. I always wanted to be like Josh. One of the toughest things I ever had to tell my older brother was, ‘I don’t want to be like you anymore.'”.

One person who didn’t speak up during Sunday’s show was Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar.

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