“My most memorable year is 2005 because it was the year that I was officially adopted,” said Jordan Fisher about his choice of event to commemorate on “Most Memorable Year Night” on “Dancing with the Stars.” He further explained, “I was taken in by my grandmother and grandfather from birth pretty much.” Fisher’s mother gave birth to him when she was 16 and struggled with substance abuse.

“Drugs can make somebody very selfish,” Fisher added.

Bruno Tonioli told Fisher, “That was exquisitely flawless. That was a work of art.” Len Goodman called it “Fantastic.” And Carrie Ann Inaba was also deeply moved by it.

Tonioli and Inaba gave him 10s, while Goodman was the lone holdout who gave him a 9.

Goodman is often the hardest judge to please – no one is more selective about who he raises his 10 paddle for – but it’s nevertheless a giant leap from last week, when Fisher danced a Charleston and Goodman gave him a 7 for a lack of proper Charleston choreography.

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