1 Les Jonas Brothers album discusses with Michel Martin from NPR the possibility of becoming famous for the young people who will take a break and gather for the last album of the band, Happiness Begins. In the early 2000’s Disneyland Channel stars and platinum pop rock band Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas – became very popular. Now the brothers have released a new album called Happiness Begins, as well as a documentary called Chasing Happiness, which captures fame, division and reunion. After a six-year break, the brothers officially met in February 2019 and soon celebrated the release of the single “Sucker”, a song that would mark the band’s first song. Looking back at the band’s separation, Kevin says it was the best “he” could do to keep the family together. It’s amazing that Nick had the courage to start a band called “he,” Kevin said. But when the band suddenly broke up in 2013 to avoid solo races and family time, fans who wanted more were left behind. Kevin, Joe and Nick talked to Michel Martin from NPR about the balance between peaks and depressions for the sake of glory and decided to get together and more. While Joe hesitated to join the band, Nick had other problems. Now that the participants have solved the problems that divided the group, “their” advice to the conflicting families – professional or not – is very simple: “I think, honestly speaking, what’s going on, and not sticking to it, letting “him” sit and cook is the most important thing we can do,” says Kevin.

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