After 16 years of taking satirical aim at the hypocrisy of politics as well as the fatuousness of the news media, Jon Stewart said good-bye to “The Daily Show” on Thursday evening using a farewell spread that miscellaneous wry parting shots with serious displays of emotion and with a passionate address urging his audience to not accept falsehoods and misinformation in their lives.

“Black shows matter, Jon,” he said to Mr. Stewart.

T were further cameos from John Oliver, Kristen Schaal and Samantha Bee, together with Mr. Stewart’s “Daily Show” successor, Trevor Noah, who drifted onto the set with a tape measure.

Photo In a genuine and apparently unscripted address, Mr. Colbert told Mr. Stewart that, though Mr. Stewart had previously told his staff members “Never to thank you because we owe you nothing,” this was “One of the few times I ‘ve known you to be dead wrong.”

Mr. Stewart first disclosed on a “Daily Show” broadcast in February that he intended to leave the program.

When President Obama appeared on “The Daily Show” in July, he jokingly told Mr. Stewart: “I’m issuing a new executive order that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show. It’s being challenged in the courts.”

“When you are doing something which you understand you’ll never be nearly as good at something as you were at this, you have to make peace with it,” Mr. Stewart said.