One of the challenges of a new ABC season of “Roseanne” was to make it feel like something other than a simple parade of familiar faces.

Still, this new “Roseanne” would still have been possible without the return of Johnny Galecki’s David Healy.

In coming back to the Conner house in this week’s episode, “Darlene v. David,” David gave “Roseanne” something of a microcosm of the response to the show overall.

ABC. Of course, David wasn’t the only character to make a long-awaited return in this episode: Estelle Parsons, everyone! Having Bev come back in the midst of a parenting-heavy episode made for a solid fit.

“Roseanne” isn’t incapable of speaking to 2018, but at this point, focusing on its own timeline might be time better spent.

Because as much as Galecki’s return was part of the “Roseanne” checklist, Darlene is the true star of this episode.