He has also toured extensively with Daryl and John Oates and it is the classic Hall y Oates sound that Mutlu is channeling into his new 7 track mini album “Good Trouble”. MUTLU ONARAL, who simply uses his name, is a blue-eyed soul who has the distinction of having made most of the appearances on Daryl Hall’s award-winning television show “Live from Daryl’s House”. Listen to this best sound in the great production “Nothing In This Whole Wider World” – a duet with John Oates; for a classic H&O sound, try “Oh My Girl” – a beautiful sweet ballad delivered in a soft faussetto. Lyrically, the album tackles themes such as social change, inequality, depression and difficulties, but sonically, it’s the classic blue-eyed soul guided by the guitar. The album’s main single is the syncopated “Lifeline,” whose lyrics give the album the title “Truth and love are worth the fight. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth consoling him. Signing up only takes a few minutes and gives you more possibilities.

Daryl John Oates