John Legend has revealed a member of his family once tried to make money off the chance to eat Christmas dinner with the star.

Asked on Twitter if he thought his family had the capacity to embarrass him with his in-laws, he responded: “I had a cousin try to raffle off tickets to have ‘Christmas Dinner with John Legend’. So, yes.”

The message was also retweeted by John onto his own Twitter account.

Just a few days before, Chrissy had admitted she was “Over” being pregnant as she was just desperate to meet her son, especially as she has known from day 11 that she was pregnant as she underwent IVF treatment.

Venting her frustration on Twitter, she shared: “Happy pregnant Chrissy is gone. meet OVER IT Chrissy. Wanna hold my boy let’s do thisssssss … It feels worse for me because with IVF you know *so* early. I mean I knew I was pregnant at 11 days in. Crazy.”

Whilst John added: “You have to divide your energy between raising a kid and carrying one as well.”