Throw in the fact that he’s been excellent in comedic films such as Trainwreck, and John Cena makes for a natural if overdue appearance as host.

Why John Cena Can’t Lose The top wrestler in WWE is crossing over into Hollywood and reality TV – but all he really wants is to make peace with his dad. While Cena gave it his all throughout the episode, this turned out to be one of the more forgettable episodes of the Fall run.

Still, are the three sketches people will be talking about during the run-up to this show’s final episode of 2016.

This isn’t a criticism but praise: More sketches would fare better were they a minute or two shorter.

Outside of the cold open and “Update,” not a lot of this week’s episode focused on Trump.

In this inventive pre-taped sketch, the perspective gets switched: Instead of having the audience gaze at Trump, we see the world through his eyes.

The first concerns its cinematography, which places the camera inside Trump’s skull and captures the surreal flights of fancy that ensue based on his overall mood.

The second is both more obvious and more striking: The replacement of actual sentences with verbal fragments, meant to elucidate what Trump hears versus what is actually said.

When Mike Pence tries to get Trump to focus on work, what Trump hears is, “Other people. Other people not Trump.” A voter wearing a Make America Great again hat repeats, “Thing you promisedthing you promised,” over and over again as Trump’s office turns red.