Hands up who’d a MEGA crush on Joey Lawrence? Hasn’t he transformed

Joey Lawrence first made a name for himself as Joey Donovan in US sitcom Gimme A Break, which aired for six seasons from 1981- 1987.

He starred in the latter three series before taking on the function we understand him best for: Joey Russo in hit TV comedy Blossom from 1991-1995.

Throughout Blossom, Joey became renowned for his amazing head of hair as well as the catchphrase: ‘Whoah!’ In a recent interview, he declared: ‘It’s so bizarre 20 years, that word has transcended.

Joey gratefully described his faithful followers on Twitter as ‘#bestfansever.

More lately, Joey’s published singles Rolled and Give It To Ya. What exactly now? Well, according to his Twitter report Joey, now 39, is working on a fresh movie titled The Bridge.

After divorcing his first wife Michelle Vella in 2004, Joey went to marry childhood friend Chandie Yawn-Nelson.