Today Joey Martin Feek can no longer get out of bed – her cancer has progressed to a point that a morphine drip keeps her comfortable, and hospice visits a couple of times a week to check on her and her caregivers.

“My wife is strong. Very very strong. So is her will to live. Especially with a little one who gets excited every morning to see her,” writes Feek’s husband, Rory Feek, on his blog www.

Rory Feek wrote that until the last few days, his wife was largely unaware of the public interest surrounding her cancer story.

“She wants to be remembered as a singer of songs. A devoted wife. A loving mother. Not a cancer patient,” he wrote.

When Rory Feek showed his wife the photos and video he’d taken of her over the last several months, the images brought her to tears.

“She wanted to know what was being said outside of this house,” Feek said.

Rory Feek said they talked about how much to say and how honest they wanted to be with the public.

He said it isn’t uncommon for patients to be in hospice six months or longer and described Joey Martin Feek’s time in hospice as a roller coaster.