NASHVILLE – Hospice has been called in for Joey Martin Feek.

Martin Feek, one half of country duo Joey + Rory, has been courageously fighting cancer – off and on – for about 18 months.

Doctors believed they had removed all of the cancer, but the disease returned; and Martin Feek did more aggressive treatment, including surgery, this summer.

Last week, Martin Feek’s husband Rory Feek called for a prayer vigil w he reached out to friends and fans, asking them to pray at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Joey Feek and her daughter Indiana cuddle in bed in her hospital room.

The Feek family lives on a farm outside of Nashville, but has spent recent weeks in Martin Feek’s native Indiana with her family.

Feek said doctors were able to get his wife’s pain under control with heavy medication.

Martin Feek sang her baby hymns and read her stories, and the little girl fell asleep on her mother’s chest.

“Joey is at peace with w she is and w she’s going,” Feek wrote.