One victim, designated as John Doe 150, said he told Paterno that Sandusky had “Put his finger in rectum.” According to the victim, Paterno dismissed him, saying “I have a football season to worry about.”

Another victim, John Doe 75, was not interviewed for Sandusky’s criminal trial, but he described a 1987 incident in which coach Joe Sarra, also of Penn State, walked in when Sandusky had his hand down the victim’s pants.

Over the years, Bradley has repeatedly denied knowledge of any of Sandusky’s abuse.

It’s unclear if Paterno knew about these additional coaches’ knowledge.

Paterno’s family issued a statement in response to the documents, which were part of a civil suit between Penn State and Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

“The materials released today relating to Joe Paterno allege a conversation that occurred decades ago w all parties except the accuser are now dead,” the statement read in part.

As previously reported by CNN, documents filed in the case in May indicate that Paterno was aware of allegations against Sandusky as early as 1976.

Penn State President Eric J. Barron additionally issued a statement regarding the documents’ release, emphasizing that “Alleged knowledge of former Penn State employees is not proven, and should not be treated as such.”

“Penn State’s overriding concern has been, and remains, for the victims of Jerry Sandusky,” the statement continued.