Speaking about the possible consequences of this encounter, she continued: “It was traumatic, it was embarrassing, and I decided that I really needed to speak out because it was important for me to not only get away from him, but it was also important to speak out so that others would know that probably working with this man would not have been the best situation. “He also talked about some of Budden’s comments that were later removed from the episode before it aired, including Joe’s admission thathe’ hadwanted to fuck me since the moment we met. “T are also numerous hostile comments and others making sexual references to him.” Rapper and podcast host Joe Budden has been at the center of a number of controversies over his treatment of staff and other hosts on the podcast network. Now one of those hosts has added fuel to the fire, revealing that the reason for his firing was sexual harassment by Budden himself. “On January 18, 2021, Joe Budden was watching a recording of a female podcast I was on, andhe’ kept making sexual and lewd comments that made me extremely uncomfortable, andhe’ was afraid to ruin the mood if I didn’t laugh whenhe’ made those sexual comments to me,” she explained. Budden, who was accused of domestic violence by several ex-girlfriends, managed to turn his rap career into a successful podcast that moved from Diddy’s Revolt to Spotify, w he enjoyed trolling his fellow rappers such as Jay Electronica and Logic. After Joe Budden’s podcast co-hosts Rory and Mel left, who disagreed with Budden’s profit-sharing practices, Olivia Dope laid out her reasons for leaving his online show less than four months later. In a 26-minute video posted on Instagram, Olivia Dope explains why she left the “See The Thing Is” podcast, which she hosts with Bridget Kelly and Mandia B, just months after the show launched in October 2020. You can watch Olivia Dope’s full video above.

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