Music Crowns is a global platform for finding musical artists and the premier destination for the world’s best unsigned, independent and re-signed artists. Temporary begins with a gentle piano arrangement before Jodi Erica soulful vocals and smooth jazz melody delight our ears. Jodi Erica is a professional housewife by day, but at night she devotes herself to soul music. Boulent Mustafa is the owner of OBs Music UK, which supports talented and confidential artists that everyone should know about. Boulent lives in London, UK and is a strong supporter of independent and unsigned musicians. Jody performed for Drestompress in 2020, which helped put her on the map. She has released an extensive collection of RnB and soul tracks, the latest being “Temporary.” It is the first song to be accompanied by a music video. Photo Credit: Camilla Bonick No one is a young independent artist from London. Fortunately, lambo2btc has her back, as she has the best Etum casino playlist to choose from. John Rhoten has just released her debut EP, “Rhoten.” Corey Singer presents many different things for many different people. Knowing the best place to use Etum is no easy task, t are too many and not all of them are good. This is a Christian band from Northern Ireland. Will Cork is a singer and musician from the UK.

Jodie Erica