When he started studying his sound as a producer and rapper, Jim was inspired by the variety of music he fell in love with as an adult; old rock bands such as Skillet and Sick Puppies rappers such as JPEGMAFIA and Kanye West, and the children’s group Yoruba Infinity. This latest single, which shows Jim’s eclectic cadence as a rapper and singer, talks a lot about talent and adds another chapter to the story that Jim will tell about his next project while he explores the feelings surrounding the critics. A refreshingly thoughtful artist, his incredible 7-track EP “Dynasty Project” is widely supported by The FADER, Mixtape Madness and other rock, hip-hop and R&B groups investigating racism, drug abuse, anger and family. This is a deeply personal and honest work, which Jim quickly called “worthy of attention”. The release followed a period of intense creative stagnation, which made the sound in “BTO! BTO! will be released on Tuesday, October 13, and promises an honest and rough study of the dubious but busy creative cycle in which many artists have found themselves. Talking about “Powertrip” that he created, Jim says, “I immediately realized that people will always be critical of what you do. So, at some point, you have to get over it. Jim Legxasi reveals an experimental, emotional and melodic song called “Powertrip” and announces the release of the long-awaited second part of the EP BTO “sound”! Each song in the project embodies his emotional response to Jim’s struggle to control his most precious song, his music. An enthusiastic teenager who describes himself as a person who can’t express himself well. When Jim Legxasi started composing music at the age of 18, he “never looked back”. When I went to PowerTrip, I had the feeling I got even with all those who stole my chances. ← WechslerMusik ft. Dutchavelli ft.

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