The eight-episode opposition show features 12 challengers vying for a $100,000 and an appearance on CNN forecasting the

Jennifer “Jazzy T” Williams, of Buffalo, N.Y., a radio personality with 10 years of on-air experience and a degree in telecommunications and digital media arts.

Jeff Forgeron of San Diego, Calif., an Associated Press writer for Weather Underground who has a degree in meteorology.

Miller Robson of Columbus, Ga., a former wrestler and local meteorologist/anchor who is working toward a degree in meteorology.

Mackenzie Bart, of Columbus, Ohio, Miss Ohio 2014 who’s now focusing on her degree in atmospheric science.

Ron Hilliard, of Detroit, Mich., a news intern and SKYWARN-trained weather spotter with a degree in the interdisciplinary humanities of communications, theater and Spanish.

Michelle Rotella of Germantown, Md., a meteorologist who graduated from high school at 16 before earning a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

Drew Logan of Westlake Village, Calif., a pastor and former school football player who recently finished his master’s degree.