Silver Jew David Berman who remembers his colleagues in his own words, Chad Clark of the Beauty Pill and James Toth of Wooden Tooth explore the legacy of David Berman with their favorite lyrics. Seuss, says Chad Clark of Beauty Pill in one of David Berman’s lyrics, when Dr. As his label Drag City announced that the leader of the Silver Jews and Purple Mountains died on Wednesday at the age of 52, fans and musicians shouted Berman’s words and shared lyrics or excerpts from Actual Air, his poetry collection. Yes, David Berman brought some obscure content into his songs, but he was cheerful. Editor’s note: David Berman could take a picture, a twist or a twisted pair and make it roll. We asked some people to choose a favourite text and what it meant to them or how it illustrated Berman’s talent – they were often one by one. David Berman doesn’t rhyme with his poetry. It’s simple and perhaps tempting to apply these texts retroactively to David’s private life, but that doesn’t take into account the fact that David’s texts – even his autobiographical ones – were for and about all of us. This week you will certainly read and hear many hymns about Berman’s ability to transform and transmit true pathos and human pain. David’s greatest gift was his ability to summarize it into some great and seemingly indescribable human feelings. Like Elliott Smith and Mark Eitzel, Herman’s work is often reduced to a stereotype of “sad troubadour. Like Nicholson Baker, David’s best songs constantly change the way we see the world. Berman knew this and he often pointed it out in his work. When his songs solved the deepest despair, he tacitly clung to a sense of witty rhyme and vocals. Everyone always calls “Random Rules” the opening text of a Silver Jews album, but this one, “How to Rent a Room” from The Natural Bridge, has always been perfect for me.

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