Wilson brought Muddy Magnolias – an interracial and retrograde rock duo with sometimes evangelical theatrical flowers from the south – with a lively charisma, while Vitry Stray Burds played in the mixed trio, which offers the full body center of his folkloric vocal mix. Maya de Vitry and Jessy Wilson compare Perspecti: the World CafĂ© no longer puts all its time and creative energy into collective efforts, each of these Nashville artists determines who she is alone. I had worked so hard on writing, singing, phrasing and acting that I had the feeling that tramps were never recognized. Being surrounded by two people singing very loudly into a microphone was a great exercise for an introvert to start writing. My album was never focused on the songs – it was more about the connection, the feelings Jessy had in the album. One thing I know is that I will always be my driving force: “How can I transfer what I am now as a time capsule to protocol? When I was with Muddy Magnolias, I played all the time. When I saw that people always revolve around what I brought (with muddy magnolias), because that’s what you really saw, I felt like I had to deal with other creative aspects.. That’s why I wanted to work with Patrick because I knew that he could play the drums the way I wanted. Maya, you wrote the songs from your album as an undefined solorelease, while still concentrating on the band The Diffusing Birds which took up so much space that it wasn’t possible for the diffuser birds and me to exist at the same time. I only think of the nature of being in an interracial duo, t are things I feel more comfortable expressing the method, because my identity is that I don’t believe in the need to dress against someone with sugar who doesn’t have the same skin as me: “Since we feel unfamiliar on the album and on stage [Kallie], let’s make sure that the sound really is a reflection of who [Kallie] is and then I’ll continue to exist beyond that, because I just love to sing. “But t were a number of songs that we were going to take in a more R&B direction. Wilson’s Phase is a bohemian rock and R&B work with a strong, rhythmic and intelligent will; Vitry’s Adaptations is a group of singers and songwriters full of reflective and jazz sensuality and great subtlety. T is much less pressure: “How is the album (critical and commercial)? Has everyone found out yet? I’ve never experienced this before, maybe since I wrote a homework assignment or something like that: “It’s my writing, I’ve given it away and I know it’s good. It’s not good in the sense of competition, but it’s good in the sense of truth. It is a healthy landscape that is totally different from that of street birds.

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