Anybody want to take a quick field trip to Jessica’s childhood vacation spot to dump a body? Specifically, Simpson’s body, since Jess has the cops on her tail – what with her whole “Being adjacent to a murder scene” thing that Oscar was aggressively not helpful in diffusing – and our girl cannot solve any crime by dinnertime if she’s behind bars.

Back at Trish’s home front, Griffin is very upset that Jess never called to tell him Trish was safe.

They find Leslie soon enough, even though the past 20 years of her web presence has been erased, because she lived in an old building and, as Jess reasons, “No one gives up a rent-controlled apartment, ever.” The apartment is squeaky clean, and don’t worry, t’s nothing to see in the creepy basement, except a decaying human head. As much as I want to be team Trish, in this episode she is like 90 percent annoying and 10 percent harmless-to-useful.

Obviously, Jess goes instead. The woman she meets insists that Jessica’s survival was a miracle – that Jess died on the table and was brought back to life.

Just as Trish learns from her morgue-attendant boyfriend that the severed head is Leslie Hansen, Jess figures it all out for herself.

Can Jess find some dirt of these partners? “T’s dirt everyw,” Jessica says.