Jerome Lawson was born in Florida in 1944, but after moving to New York in 1962, he founded a group of singers in Brooklyn with Joseph Russell, Herbert Road and Jayotis Washington. Errory Lavon, the former pillar of the chapel group, died on Wednesday, July 10, in Phoenix. Known as one of the great but underrated voices of the soul, Jerry released his first and only solo album “Just a Mortal Man” in 2015. Without a title, they finally won a recording contract called The Persuasions and achieved some success, especially in the 1970s, when five of their albums made it to the Billboard Top 100. His names were Jerry Lawson and Town Voice. Their repertoire crossed and they worked with artists like Frank Zappa and Johnny Mitchell. It’s interesting to note that the band is not limited to the soul and immune system of the body. Lawson. Jayotis Washington is the only one left to judge. His death was confirmed by his wife Julia. He stated that Guillain-Barrett syndrome, a rare neurological disease that has affected Mr. Registrar, lasts only a few minutes and gives him more opportunities.