What people don’t understand is that I think those women who make that kind of music should start calling them “belts,” says Dupri. A few weeks ago, he told people that he found that he thought that many of today’s best rappers sounded like “rappers strippers”, and he wanted them to show more of their talent. He didn’t want to choose specific rappers, and he started a cryptography to raise the female voices in hip-hop. “It’s like Crunk explains Dupri. He says that he didn’t even mean “hitting strippers” as an insult. Dupri doesn’t find the distinction between rape by men and rape by women an insult. Dupri recently sat down for an interview with Atlanta Black Star, where he expanded what he meant and introduced a new subgenre of rap. After confronting feedback from musicians and hip hop fans, Dupri followed his original statements. “As for the rap, I don’t understand who the best rapper is. Jermaine Dupri is everywhere with his views on women in rap. “I’m telling you. It also seems that he didn’t notice the allusion in the title of the new genre. Those are the stories of his life. I think that just as we have a trap, they should have a belt. Like, really.

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