Jennifer Esposito has not fled the country despite what has previously been reported by Page Six and others following their lead. The former Blue Bloods actress took to Facebook on Friday to set the record straight and prove that she did not flee to Denmark in the wake of a staggering $43 million lawsuit.

To further prove that she hadn’t gone anyw, Esposito posted a handful of videos of herself inside the NYC bakery and invited anyone who questioned her wabouts to come in for a visit.

Page Six was one of the first to report that Jennifer Esposito had fled the country and may be hiding out in Denmark.

The reason for her hasty exit, according to the false reports, stemmed from a $43 million lawsuit brought against her and her bakery Jennifer’s Way.

In any case, Jennifer Esposito’s partners filed a lawsuit back in March because they claim she was bad-mouthing them and telling her customers not to buy products from their bakeries even though they are the same place that was supplying her for the gluten-free Jennifer’s Way bakery.

Things got really ugly between Esposito and her partners when she refused to move her storefront bakery ownership over to the company that she had created with her investors.

It was after that when Esposito posted on her own website that the Jennifer’s Way commercial bakery was “NOT under my Tfore, anything from t I do NOT stand behind.” That post prompted the partners to slap her with a restraining order, banning the actress from badmouthing them.

In the wake of the Page Six report claiming that Jennifer Esposito skipped town in order to avoid a $43 million lawsuit, she has invited the staffers to come down to her Jennifer’s Way bakery and have a cupcake.