The Walking Dead is about to get its biggest bad guy yet.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan on the zombie show, AMC confirmed to USA TODAY.

Negan is a character that fans of the original Dead comics know very well, a nasty villain who leads a group called The Saviors.

In the comics Negan and the Saviors subjugate the Alexandrians in exchange for protection against the Wolves.

AMC wouldn’t give any further details on when or for how long Morgan would appear on the show, but considering that the Wolves and the Alexandrians have already clashed this season, fans may speculate that Negan will show up soon.

“Negan is a very important character to the series. T definitely are big plans to have a big entrance into the show when that time comes, but whether that time is Season 6 or Season 7 or Season 8 remains to be seen.”

Morgan himself is no stranger to taking on iconic comic book roles.

He has most recently has been seen on CBS’s The Good Wife.