Kim Kardashian has issued an apology to fans after defending makeup artist Jeffree Star, who’s sparked controversy in the past for racist comments.

Kardashian said she appreciated Star’s honesty, which encouraged her to ask her makeup artist for help with a better swatching technique.

La Bronze James August 15, 2017 Kim Kardashian can keep that garbage Ass statement about ppl forgiving Jeffree Star to herself.

Baby you have TWO. BLACK. CHILDREN.- Jay Dior August 15, 2017 Kim kardashian is WHITE &a she telling us to forgive Jeffree star for being racist.

Star took to Twitter to defend his comments about Kardashian’s products and noted, “I f**king love Kim Kardashian.” Seems like t are no hard feelings between the two.

The formula was ?.- Jeffree Star August 15, 2017 But when I say I don’t like something, all of a sudden I’m shady and “Jealous” – You can’t win with the internet hahaha ?.- Jeffree Star August 15, 2017 Shout out to everyone out t who loves the truth, I appreciate everyone who respects my opinions .

Swn August 15, 2017 Queen of Back Track! Lets face Facts Kardashian Jenner Klan care nothing about the culture they are extorting.