Off The Gird” is a credit to JD TIME MACHINE – a car for Mr. Day and “his” personal “sound” – and comes in three mixes, with a small selection but subtle weather changes. so “Soul” mix is a constant bit, while “House” mix relaxes the action as expected. For some time now CORNELL “CC” CARTER and JAMES DAY have been winning the heart and soul of the modern soul community. Our voice sounds in “Swing” mix of guitarist U-Nam, U-Nam of course, old James Day’s employee. Set 2019 CC, “Absolutely”, was a real gem of the soul that was a great success, and one of the most important tracks was “Morning Touch” – working together with the already mentioned M. Day. Today James and Cornell are again together looking for a new single that will fill the earth from wet and dark winter to spring. The recording takes only a few minutes and gives you more opportunities. The song is fun and lively “Off The Grid”.