Eric began by repeating the song’s first sentences, accompanied only by his guitar pick; Jazmine Sullivan whose excellent new album “Heaux Tales” is about to become an instant classic, and country star Eric Church will perform a patriotic song before tonight’s big game. The honor of singing the national anthem for a major sporting or political event usually falls to one person, but this year the roles will be split. The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face each other tonight at Super Bowl LV. Watch the coverage and watch the video of the anthem presentation above. And that’s not the only surprise collaboration before the game, Miley Cyrus accompanied Billie Idol and Joan Jett in concert before the game. Church also has new music among “their” fans, “their” triple album Heart & Soul will be released in April. During “their” Sunday afternoon performance, the two men took turns singing verses before coming together in harmony on the last high notes. Most impressive, however, was when they sang the most famous passage together.

Eric Jazmine Sullivan