At that time, t were rumors that the song announced a new album, and these rumors were confirmed at the end of summer by the release of the single “Be The Change”, which, as we were told, became the name of the long-awaited album. It is a sweet fusion of the modern soul and soft jazz, fascinating melodies, dedicated vocals, exquisite products, multi-layered harmonies, but with the added appeal of professional and social maturity that have brought the last 6 years. Think about the variety of texts and beautiful soundscape design, and you will understand why “Be The Change” will be the best soul album of 2020. Soul and Jazz and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul news and review website compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected British soul writers. Ironically, little has changed since then, except for the elegant remixes of some songs from “their” album and collaborations with artists such as the British brothers Doggett, Portland native drummer Tyrone Hendrix and trumpeter Farnell Newton. We were told that Jarrod had been his answer to the brutal murder of Eric Garner since 2014, when several policemen “held” him face down in strangulation. The song is based on an intellectual lyrical imagination that his romantic partner, like the radio, can provide him with a soundtrack that adapts to and enhances his “own” state of mind. As you can see, 11 – “Be The Change” is full of everything that made his the artist of 2014. In a very short time, he has won a loyal fan base, the “Soul Artist of the Year” award at the Jazz FM Awards and second place at the influential Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards. Similar to the murder of George Floyd, Mr. L. completed the song and released it as a his contribution to the BLM campaign, and the proceeds will go to various BLM organizations. He was inspired by his father, who suggested that all celestial bodies emit sound frequencies; since the universe is balanced, these frequencies should be combined into a “universal chord”. Miss Navran also plays the flute, while her bandmates Andris Mattson and Max Bryke play the fugel horn and clarinet, respectively. And this section is one of the main attractions of “Be a trifle”. Here, in England, he excited everyone in his jazz cafe at the show “Empire of Shepherd Bush” and Ronnie Scott.