The 80-year-old actress made a statement in a Time’s Up tee before slipping into a multi-colored statement gown for the Cannes Film Festival.

Fonda is promoting her new autobiographical documentary Five Acts.Fresh off the plane, Jane looked effortlessly chic in a wide-brim hat, cat eye sunglasses, and a pair of denim.

On one arm she carried a large, orange purse and around her neck was a polka-dot scarf.

The Monster-In-Law actress was later photographed in a sweeping gown with a pattern that resembled the feathers of a peacock.

Five Acts, set to premiere on HBO later this year, is a candid look at Fonda’s life.

‘Jane Fonda in Five Acts traces Jane’s life from Hollywood royalty through a difficult father, three husbands-around whom she defined her life-until she found her authentic voice,’ director Susan Lacy told The Hollywood Reporter.

‘I think I hit the points that I think shaped her in these various lives that she’s lived.

‘I thought I’d die lonely and probably from alcohol,’ she said.

Jane’s Netflix series Grace and Frankie was recently renewed for a fifth season.